A Rabbi and college students start a food truck. Nope, not the opening line of a joke... this is just what happened when Rabbi Yudi Steiner and students at The George Washington University decided to make a small idea into a big reality.


Brooklyn Sandwich Co. was born out of necessity. Students at GW and young professionals working in the Greater Washington area had been without an affordable, delicious, hearty kosher option for years. In fact, many DC students per year stop keeping kosher out of the basic premise that they were hungry, and there just wasn't much to eat. To us, this was an unacceptable reality. 


It was with this motivation that Rabbi Steiner and a few GW students set out to establish Brooklyn Sandwich Co. From the first meeting, we realized that DC was yearning for much more than just a drab delicatessen. Sam Akselrad,  a New York-based gourmet chef  with a unique power to create culinary masterpieces, was enlisted to help. He shaped a gorgeous menu for  complete with flavor-packed ingredients and edgy spins  on old favorites. 

Once Dylan Kough got on board, things really started to take off. Having a successful food truck of his own already, Dylan uses his extensive base of knowledge to advise new companies. He quickly propelled the venture forward.

Fast forward two and half years, and the Food Truck quickly became an icon in the DC area Kosher scene. In January 2019, we were pleased to join forces with the Vaad and officially come under the Hashgacha ( the Hebrew term for Superversion) of Capitol K; the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington. Thus, the journey continues. We look forward to continued growth and being the go to source for delicious Kosher food.